TextureViewer 1.0

It examines every direction of your texture files to ensure borders are seamless
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Dipl.-Ing. Christian Begand

Using the TextureViewer you can preview all your texture files in every direction to ensure that all your texture's borders are seamless and display smoother transitions. The windows style interface is easy to use and navigation is controlled by simple mouse clicks. For example, if you wish to move your textured image in the Preview Window, pan the image by clicking on the left mouse button, holding it down and moving the mouse. When you’re finished panning, simply release the mouse or click the right mouse button. Selecting the Show Tiles Mode enables you to preview your image repeatedly in several directions to examine borders. If your borders are not seamless, you can select the Create Seamless Texture option from the menu which will open a window that will allow you to input Blend Border Value figures to remove hard edges. You can also choose to create transparent borders around your image. Another useful option in the Menu is Show Contours. Using this feature you can apply a contour effect to all the edges the effect detects. This effect amplifies the natural structures of the bricks and therefore shows up any seamless textures or Brick Map problems. The program also includes image filters providing you with interesting colors and effects and you can change the color of the preview window.

R. Fernandez
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